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We love the way the French pronounce Button – Bouton. We love how French designers pay meticulous attention to details, down to the button design on a blouse. That refined habit inspired us to bring the same passion to the craftsmanship of our community. Inspired by Canadian living, imbued with the warmth of Singapore. We want to connect the world with Chic Design, Refined Quality and Vibrant Energy. 


If you look at life, oftentimes the most beautiful moments are the simplest and feel the most comfortable. Our chic design revolves around this concept, striving to bring you simplicity and comfort.


Snap button, clip button or … we pay attention to all. We source. We craft. We design. Simply to ensure we bring you the refined quality you deserve. 


Colours! We are obsessed with colours. True believers in the vibrant energy of colours, we are committed to bringing you colours that calm, delight, and lift your spirit.